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Campus Ministry

As the hands, feet, ears, and voice of The Marist Way, Campus Ministry provides direct ministry to encourage vibrant life-long learning and lived faith. We seek to draw students and our Notre Dame community into a relationship with God, inspiring them to know and love God in the way of Mary and living out their personal faith by demonstrating Marist values of humility, listening, caring and awareness.  

At Notre Dame Prep students are invited to live out these values through Marist hospitality and inclusion. Through collaboration, our goal as a community is to know, listen to, mentor and nurture each young person and with God to meet them where they are at in their faith journey.

Here, opportunities are created to encounter Christ and cultivate a Catholic culture that promotes meaningful relationships, intentional outreach and transformational discipleship.

Our goal is to integrate a holistic approach to ministry with youth and the Notre Dame community promoting healthy growth and lifelong faith development by

  • Bringing students to missionary discipleship through ministry, which is to, by, for and with young people.
  • Establishing a framework of prayer and liturgy, evangelization, community and family life, advocacy and stewardship, pastoral care, and catechesis through which students take on leadership roles putting their faith in action.
  • Providing spiritual resources to students, families, faculty and staff and alumni along with pastoral counseling.

Students participate and engage in faith formation through:

Peer Ministry and Discipleship

Recognizing young people’s gifts and nurturing and celebrating those gifts is integral to the mission of Notre Dame.  

Students play a vital role in the faith formation of their peers. A peer minister lives out their call to discipleship by sharing gospel values in their everyday life. Peer Ministry at Notre Dame Prep relies on the example of our Blessed Mother, the first disciple of Christ. Students at the lower, middle and upper schools can live out their faith and minister to their own peers and the local area. In their specific role they join a team of their peers who depend on their talents, leadership, faith and support to evangelize and build up our faith community.

We Form Servant Leaders

Our students, through prayer, plan, create, write, vision and implement with guidance from Campus Ministry the following:

Liturgical and Prayer

  • Altar Server Program
  • Eucharistic Ministry
  • Lectoring
  • Praise and Worship Choir
  • Liturgical Leadership
  • Drama
  • Lighting and Sound

Retreats, Faith Sharing and Peer Mentoring

  • Grade Level Retreat Leaders for Middle and Upper School
  • Faith Testimonial Opportunities
  • Kairos Retreat and Fourth Day Leadership
  • Faith Sharing Experiences
  • Peer Mentoring Program (for all incoming freshmen)

Marist Habits of the Heart

  • Habits of the Heart Club Middle School Leadership
  • Lower and Middle School Engagement in Practicing the Habits Daily

Ministry Team