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From the moment you arrive at Notre Dame, you will be supported by countless caring adults and peers determined to help you acclimate and achieve.

Faculty at Notre Dame are committed to helping you learn and succeed in your classes. This is by design, as part of our Marist charism. Here, you can expect to find teachers who will: be of service to you; treat you with respect; and get to know you in and out of the classroom.

Faculty and select staff at Notre Dame Prep serve as student advisors and meet with their group of advisees on a weekly basis. Meetings are regularly scheduled as part of Community Time and give students the chance to express themselves on topics ranging from school life to life in general.

Advisory also is a part of the middle school experience. As a sixth, seventh and eighth grader, you will meet weekly with your advisor during Community Time.

Whenever you need support outside the classroom, you can find it from your school counselor. Notre Dame Prep counselors are focused on you as they provide coordinated academic, personal, college and career guidance. Learn more.

As a student in our middle school, you also will have access to a full-time counselor who provides academic and personal guidance and coordinates the Irish Connection program.

Coaches and Moderators
If you are anything like our current students, we expect you will be involved in multiple school sports and co-curriculars. Each team and club is guided by a coach or moderator who is committed to your development and success. As an athlete, you will be led by coaches trained in the Sports Leader philosophy, which is designed to help you grow in your faith while you battle on the field, on the court, in the pool, or wherever your competition takes you.

As a student at a school founded and operated by the Society of Mary, you will find guidance from our four Marist priests and Marist brother. Each is available to counsel you on faith and theology whenever you have questions. Learn more about faith in practice through campus ministry.

Peer Leadership
You will be welcomed with open arms at Notre Dame. As a student at Notre Dame Prep, a specially selected Peer Leader will meet you at Freshmen Launch—months before you take a single class at our school—and make you part of his or her “family.” Your Peer Leader will model the Marist charism of hospitality and inclusion, and will support you as you adjust socially and academically.

As a student in our middle school, you will have two different ways to get accustomed to life at Notre Dame. Through Irish Connection, you will be paired with a current student at orientation in the fall. Your buddy will spend time with you at lunch and will be available to help you in other ways as you transition to our school.

Middle school students are placed in one of four “Houses”: Bon Repos, Cerdon, Hermitage, and Little Seminary of Belley (all are named after significant places in the life of Fr. Jean-Claude Colin, who founded the Society of Mary). Each House has three co-presidents—all eighth graders—who lead weekly meetings during Community Time. Through the House system, students build camaraderie across grades.

If you need a little extra help with your studies, your counselor will find you an in-house Notre Dame Prep student tutor, typically from National Honor Society. Counselors also can help you access outside tutoring services, as needed.