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Strength and Conditioning

Mission Statement and Philosophy
Provide comprehensive training programs to student-athletes that are safe, effective, and evidence based. The programs will be mainly ground-based, compound, multi-joint movements to improve performance and to reduce the risk of injuries. All programs will include some type of speed & power development, strength & core development, fundamental movements, agility and conditioning.

Description of Facility
The Betty A. Wroubel Performance Center is equipped with all the necessities of strength training and cardiovascular training.

The facility serves all student-athletes. The center includes the strength training equipment like Olympic platforms, power racks, dumbbells, cable machines and various other machines.

Students get both individual and team coaching from our Head Strength & Conditioning Coach throughout the entire year.

Student-athletes are encouraged to never train, practice, or play empty. A nutrition guide can be made based on individual needs.

For more information, please contact Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Christian Polega,