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NDP Course Catalog

All courses are one-semester courses and meet a minimum of five periods per week for .50 credit, unless otherwise noted.

Honors courses are weighted +0.50 per grade received toward the grade point average (GPA).  AP courses are weighted +1.00 per grade received toward the GPA.

Prerequisites or restrictions on enrollment follow each course description and are
included in parentheses when applicable.


4.0 credits    in Religion
4.0 credits    in English
4.0 credits    in Mathematics
3.0 credits    in Science
3.0 credits    in Social Science
2.0 credits    in Modern Language
1.0 credit      in Health/Physical Education
0.5 credits    in Computer Applications or Fundamentals of Computer Science
1.0 credit      in Fine/Performing Arts
0.5 credit      in Economics
0.5 credit      in Government
                      Community Service

1.0 credit    in additional Modern Language
1.0 credit    in Computer Science
1.0 credit    in Fine/Performing Arts

“For me, NDP exceeded all standards of what it meant to be prepared for college. At no time in my collegiate academic career did I feel that I did not have the tools necessary to not only accomplish a challenge, but to excel at it. I credit this directly to the teachers, coaches and resources that Notre Dame Prep offers.” – Recent Graduate