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As a student at Notre Dame Preparatory School, you will receive an education from one of the most highly regarded schools in the state. Offering a learning environment designed to benefit most students, at heart we are a college‐preparatory school. Our purpose is to help you become the Christian, citizen and scholar you are meant to be, and to prepare you for the next step on your educational and life journey.

Whether you attend our lower (PreK‐5), middle (6‐8), or upper school (9‐12), you will be engaged as a learner through the prestigious International Baccalaureate program. The IB’s unique and world‐renowned approach inspires students like you to think critically while developing a lifelong love of learning across and within subjects. As a student at NDP, you also will have access to dozens of Advanced Placement (AP) and honors‐level courses.

There is a reason why Notre Dame consistently has been ranked one of, if not the best Catholic K‐12 schools in Michigan. We invite you to join us, and to add to our rich tradition of academic and all‐around success.