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Notre Dame Preparatory School works with God to form Christian people, upright citizens, and academic scholars.

Through the implementation of our strategic plan, Notre Dame Prep will build on its premier status as Michigan’s No. 1 Catholic educational institution for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. We do this by implementing our mission’s three pillars:

Christian People

Faculty and staff aid in the development of a student’s Christian conscience through fostering an understanding and appreciation of Catholic doctrine, traditions and practices. We strive to create an atmosphere where a student’s faith can grow and provide opportunities for participation in faith experiences.

Upright Citizens

Understanding the great gift and great responsibility we have as citizens of the United States is vital to the success of a well-functioning society. As the world gets smaller, growing in knowledge of and concern for all people and all of God’s creation is equally important. Faculty and staff help students understand the responsibility of leadership in a democratic society, to exercise the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution, and to respect the dignity of all individuals regardless of race, creed, sex, national or ethnic origin.

Academic Scholars

Our knowledgeable faculty are committed to students’ success. Teachers help and challenge students to achieve their full academic potential.