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Notre Dame Preparatory School (NDP) is committed to attracting, encouraging and retaining a highly qualified workforce to support its mission of forming Christian people, upright citizens and academic scholars. Renowned especially for its academics, Notre Dame's success is the result of a diverse faculty and staff coming together to help shape the lives of young men and women.

All three schools of NDP are International Baccalaureate "World Schools."

Notre Dame Prep has two beautiful classroom facilities located at 1300 Giddings Road, housing the preparatory (9-12) and middle (6-8) schools; and the lower school (PreK - 5) at 1425 Giddings Road.

NDP offers excellent faculty and staff benefits, and it is itself a center of faith, learning and culture. NDP is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

Notre Dame Prep  is  committed  to  creating  a  work  environment  in  which  employee relationships are characterized by dignity, courtesy, respect, and equitable treatment, as well as an environment where there are opportunities for participation, challenge, broadening experiences, and growth. NDPMA is committed to a work environment in which employees receive support, recognition, and appreciation for a job well done.

Notre Dame Prep is a Roman Catholic, Marist educational institution. All employees and staff are obligated to provide a Catholic role model for students, and may not engage in, nor endorse publicly, any actions or beliefs contrary to the teachings, standards, and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church.  Hiring and employment practices are based on job-related criteria including, but not limited to, one’s fidelity to the Catholic faith, comporting oneself in a manner that is not detrimental to the Catholic Church or inconsistent with its teachings or principles, individual merit, ability, experience, performance, education, and training. These standards apply to all aspects of employment including hiring, selection, advancement, compensation, reasonable accommodation, promotion, training, retention, and termination

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NDP Employment Application

Updated July 17, 2024

NDP Employee Recruitment Brochure

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