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December 29, 2020

For information on enrollment and registration at Notre Dame, please visit the admissions section of our website here.

Young family says Catholic environment and the Holy Spirit were factors in decision to send their children to Notre Dame.

When Notre Dame opened up its lower school in 2003, joining the existing middle and upper schools, it set up a unique academic journey for students that could mean as much as 15 years of a Notre Dame/Marist education. 

For the Stetson family, their children's Notre Dame journey couldn't have started soon enough.

"We chose to send our kids to NDPMA as soon as our daughter, Hannah, was old enough to attend Pre-K3," said Kim Stetson. "Guidance from the Holy Spirit, its Catholic environment and location really were what drew us to the school." 

Children are thriving

Stetson added that after she and her husband, Mike, toured the lower school with admissions two years ago and then met with Principal Diana Atkins, they felt very comfortable and safe and decided to enroll. 

"Fortunately, our son, Noah, also was able to attend the toddler program last year and then continue on to Pre-K3 this year," Stetson said. "Notre Dame Lower School is such a loving and caring place that allows our children to thrive. Hannah and Noah both really love going to school."

And they tell their parents about it all the time, according to mom.

"For the first couple weeks of this school year, Hannah, now in kindergarten, reenacted her classes for us each day," Stetson said. "Noah also is really coming into his own and talks constantly about his teachers, fellow students and classroom activities."

She added that as parents, it's been amazing to watch how quickly their children are learning and how well they're already responding to the IB curriculum. 

Pandemic protocols

Meanwhile, like nearly every other person on the planet, Kim and Mike Stetson and their two kids have had to endure all of the fear and disruption that the coronavirus pandemic has wrought, including the way their children's education is delivered. 

But they're happy with how Notre Dame has adapted and adjusted.

"The school has done an amazing job handling the pandemic," Kim said. "The virtual learning last school year actually was fun for the kids. But it is such a blessing having in-person learning so far this year and Hannah and Noah have adapted well to the COVID-19 protocols and mask requirements."

Now, looking forward to hopefully a more normal second half to this school year and another 13 or 14 after that, Kim Stetson said that even after their relatively short time on campus, they are completely sold on Notre Dame. 

"We definitely would recommend this school to others!"

For information on enrollment and registration at Notre Dame, please visit the admissions section of our website here.

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